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MLS Terms & Conditions

Southwark My Learning Source (MLS) Terms & Conditions

By using this website ( to access training, development, or any training events offered by MLS, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions associated with event places including all charging and non-attendance policies.
The information you provide will be stored electronically and used by Southwark MLS in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
All correspondence relating to Southwark MLS events will be via email.
MLS reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without notification.


Bookings can be made online by individuals . All bookings require a manager’s authorisation and will not be confirmed without it.
Places on all events must be pre-booked. Early booking is advised to secure a place. The closing date for bookings will be the start time of the event unless otherwise stated. Most courses are booked on a first come first served basis, unless otherwise stated.
Southwark MLS reserves the right to limit the number of delegates from one organisation to a maximum of 3.
When the course being applied for is full you will be placed on a waiting list. Southwark MLS will send a confirmation of your place if one becomes available. Waiting list bookings are not automatically booked onto future courses.

Changes to courses

Every attempt will be made to deliver the event in the form described on MLS. When there are significant changes participants will be notified prior to the start of the event.
If a course has to be postponed or cancelled, Southwark MLS will notify booked participants at the earliest opportunity.


Course fees are detailed in the course outline and vary according to membership category.
For courses that carry a cost the charges are applicable and due on confirmation of booking.

Booking cancellation and non-attendance by participant

All delegate cancellations must be made online or in writing to ODAdmin before the start of the event. Please ensure a copy of the cancellation email is retained. Cancellation after the start of the course, or not at all, will be subject to a non-attendance penalty charge of £75.

Delegates should contact ODAdmin several days in advance should they need to arrive late for a course and arrangements will be made if possible. Participants will not be allowed access to courses if they arrive later than 15 minutes after the course begins without prior arrangement; in these cases a non-attendance penalty of £75 will apply.
Non-attendance penalties will still apply for non-attendance due to illness, bereavement, special leave or having to attend court in a professional capacity, unless the booking is cancelled by the delegate a week prior to the start of the event.

Learning Source Guides

Below you will find some quick guides on how to sign up to and use MyLearningSource(MLS).

If you are a member of Southwark Council or an Associate member, please access the following guide - ''MyLearningSource Guide for Associates and Southwark Members”

if you are a Trainer, please access the following guide - “MyLearningSource Guide for Trainers”.

Last updated: 18 August 2016