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What does it cover?

Southwark Council has partnered up with Learning Pool, a first-class provider of e-learning content, learning management systems and customer service. Learning Pool has always worked closely with public sector organisations and it will be a great fit for Southwark.

Under this new partnership, My Learning Source and its support arrangements will change on Monday 22 January 2018.

This is on the same day as the SAP upgrade, and both will contribute to improving the employee experience at Southwark.

Why change?
You have told us the system needs to be more user friendly, the support to learners needs to be more efficient, information to managers could be more accurate and available, and e-learning could be improved and more integrated into your learning. In other words, the current system is not reflective of our learning goals as an organisation. The new system will help us reach those goals.

What’s going to be different?
A few things are going to be different from 22 January and other changes are going to be introduced gradually in the following months.

At launch: New categories, a better search engine, new post-completion certificates and training evaluation, new courses, a team dashboard for managers, automatic upload of Southwark employee information and the overall ease of use. The booking and cancelling process will be slightly different too.

Post-launch: Refresher alerts, courses for targeted audiences, direct payments instead of invoicing, learning plans, new e-learning, built-in quizzes, competency mapping and more.

What’s going to stay the same?
The new system will keep all of the following:
• All courses will be transferred
• All user accounts will be transferred
• The site name and URL will stay the same
• The site will still be available to our associate organisations
• The site will still be available from any internet browser
• The equivalent reports will be available, and more

We will also be working through transferring all the learning records and bookings in the days following the launch.

What do I have to do?
You only have to do 3 things to make this change successful:

  1. Change your password – when accessing the site for the first time from the launch date, use your email address as your username and use the password sent to you from learning@southwark.gov.uk. You will then be asked to change your password to your own one.
  2. Bear with us – This is a big operation, and we will prioritise user access and course booking issues. Learning records will be transferred gradually after launch.
  3. Keep coming back – this new site will see some growth in the next few weeks, months and years. Come back regularly to make the most of the new content and features.

How can I get support?
Learning Pool will provide a dedicated line for your technical questions and queries on how to log in, find, book on or cancel a course.

If you have a query about an L&D-specific project or if you want to request a learning intervention for your team, contact the Southwark L&D team at learning@southwark.gov.uk

The Learning Pool partnership also brings to Southwark an new e-learning design software and a great catalogue of modules which will meet all your learning needs, in a more digital way. More details to come.

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