Dealing With Difficult Customers - 7

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Who is it for?

This workshop is for Exchequer apprentices only. This one workshop is suitable for staff whose role requires them to deal with difficult customers.

What does it cover?

Personal Impact

  • Create the right impression of yourself and your company
  • Handle calls in a structured way, project professionalism and speak with clarity

Customer Response and Behaviour Patterns

  • Identify the various reasons leading to difficult customers
  • Why dissatisfied customer may not necessarily be angry
  • Identifying traits of difficult customers

 Maintaining Control and Managing Your Emotions

  • Remaining assertive and professional when under pressure
  • Develop a positive mindset and effective use of verbal communication
  • Learn simple techniques to keep calm

 Defusing Techniques for Dealing with Difficult Customers

  • Explore various strategies to deal with different difficult customer behaviours
  • Techniques to diffuse difficult customers - anger and other emotional responses
  • Use consequential thinking to a response and its impact on customers, organisation, colleagues and development

 Empathetic Listening and Questioning

  • Calming an upset customer by listening and showing empathy
  • Using effective questioning skills to find out the real issue

Providing Solutions

  • Offering the most appropriate solution to meet the callers needs
  • Taking ownership with a view of “first-call resolution” to reduce escalation
  • Correct wrap-up procedure - confirming all actions agreed/or information given
  • Recording accurate written details

 Personal Development

  • You would be asked to create list of actions that you will take forward as a result of the training.


What are the course outcomes?


UndeAt the end of the training session, you will be able to: rstand your personal impact on customers

  • Examine what causes people to be difficult and assess if customers are difficult for a reason
  • Identify different difficult customer behaviours
  • Adopt a strategic approach towards dealing with difficult customers
  • Apply empathetic listening and questioning to resolve issues
  • Defuse emotional responses by demonstrating understanding and empathy
  • Close calls by summarising outcomes / agreed actions and record clear details

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