Advanced Dementia - 9:30-16:30

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Who is it for?

This course is for..

Social workers, Social care staff, Providers and PVI’s

What does it cover?

This course will cover...

• International, national and local data on dementia
• Policy approaches and priorities; National Dementia Strategy 2015, NHS Outcomes Strategy, Dementia Challenge 2017-2020.
• Legal aspects and issues in relation to dementia, looking briefly at Capacity, Best Interest, Powers of Attorney, Advance Decisions, Care Act Eligibility and Safeguarding
• The different diagnosis that cause dementia and the variation in the effect on how people cope with everyday life
• The health, well-being vulnerabilities, communication issues and behavior related to various forms of dementia
• A tool-kit of approaches to effective communication and establishing trust
• Meeting the needs of people with all forms of dementia and their carer’s and families where appropriate.
• Explore opportunities to better meet the needs of patients living with dementia in the community, in a service or at home.
• Examples of local resources and services
• Understand the growing impact of dementia on current and future services.

What are the course outcomes?

 Participants will be able to:

• Demonstrate knowledge of the legal and policy dementia landscape in 2017.
• Understand a range of diagnosis that cause dementia and the differences in how they will impact on the individual and therefore their care needs.
• Demonstrate an advanced understanding of the person and dementia
• Evidence understanding of a range of approaches and the importance of person-centered care and building meaningful relationships
• Understand the available support options and the range of service, community and home-based options.

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25 May 09:30 Training Room G01c, Ground Floor, 160 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2QH 13 Spaces Left

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