Mental Capacity Act: Best interest decisions - 9:30- 16:30

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Who is it for?

Social workers

What does it cover?

This course covers...

• What are the available approaches to making decisions for others and how do best interest decisions fit in this landscape?
• What does the law and code of practice say about best interest decision making and has this been influenced by case law? How have the Courts decided on Best Interests?
• What aspects of supportive practice specifically use best interest decision making: to include DoLS, Safeguarding, safety, treatment, care, medical, non-medical, and wellbeing.
• Exploring a ‘balance sheet’ approach to best interest decisions.
• What is the ‘statutory checklist’. How should it be applied and how to evidence its application in records.
• The legal and ethical use of Independent Mental Capacity Advocates to support the process of best interest decisions to ensure the adults voice.
• Exploring the MCA concept of the decision maker. How does this apply in medical decisions? Who can challenge the decision maker? How?
• How do we support subsequent decisions after a best interest decision?
• Participating in and/or Chairing Best Interests meetings, Purpose, preparation and process
• Decisions which cannot be made under the Mental Capacity Act and how we support these? Looking at personal and sexual relationships, other key areas.
• How do we manage situations that may require a best interest decision which are urgent?

What are the course outcomes?

Participants will be able to...

• Evidence understanding of the legal background of best interest decisions and the process required by the law and code of practice.
• Understand the concept of best interest decision making and how and when they are used, and when they can’t be.
• Be confident to take their part, appropriate to their role, in any best interest decision being taken on behalf of the adults they support whether planned, conflicted and/or urgent,
• Understand the tensions between families, different professionals, advocates and the adult during application of this process.

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01 Feb 09:30 Room 401, 132 Queens Road, London, SE15 2HP 8 Spaces Left 02 Oct 09:30 Training Room G01c, Ground Floor, 160 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2QH 19 Spaces Left

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