Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making - 1 day

Southwark Employees Price: £100 Associates Price: £150


Who is it for?

This course is valuable for staff who have to manage work related issues on a daily basis and who are directly or indirectly responsible for making decisions.

What does it cover?

Why Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Methods?

  • Decision style
  • Barriers to effective decisions
  • Causes of poor decisions
  • Types of problems and decisions
  • The role of techniques in our daily work

Understanding the ‘Decision/ Problem’

  • Getting pass symptoms
  • Types of questions
  • Areas of questioning
  • Common pitfalls
  • Re-defining the key issue

Generating Creative Options and Solutions

  • Ideas storming
  • Techniques to release creativity
  • Techniques to generate unusual ideas
  • Working in a team or as an individual

Evaluating Options

  • Using pre-defined criteria for comparison
  • Using additional comparative techniques
  • Implementation
  • Defining the objective
  • Common errors and pitfalls


  • Defining the objective
  • Common errors and pitfalls

Personal Development Plan

  • You will be asked to create a list of actions that you can take forward as a result of the training, and will be expected to take responsibility for following up on these.

What are the course outcomes?

By the end of this training session, you will be able to:

  • Identify what causes poor decisions and the underlying principles
  • Understand the ‘real’ issues. This ensures effectiveness and avoids merely addressing symptoms
  • Generate creative ideas, by yourself or in a team
  • Evaluate the different options
  • Convert an idea into an effective course of action

Book dates available for this course

26 Jan 09:30 Room 519, Southwark Council, 160 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2QH 6 Spaces Left 12 Apr 09:30 Training Room G01b, Ground Floor, 160 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2QH 9 Spaces Left 23 Jul 09:30 Training Room G01a, Ground Floor, 160 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2QH 12 Spaces Left

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