Win Win Negotations and Conversations - 1 day

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Who is it for?

This course is suitable for managers looking to develop their negotiation skills for commercial negotiations with customers, suppliers and colleagues both inside and outside of their organisation.

What does it cover?


  • The fundamental elements involved in a negotiation
  • The skills required to be an effective negotiator
  • The stages of the win-win style of negotiation
  • Understanding your current negotiation style

Core Skills and the Negotiation Process

  • Preparation involved before starting a negotiation
  • Setting your maximum and minimum objectives for each negotiable issue
  • Valuing and identifying concessions and determining  what you want in return
  • Gathering information concerning the other parties' position

The Interpersonal Skills of Negotiation

  • Effective questioning and listening - picking up signals
  • Using ‘Silence’ as a powerful negotiation tool
  • Being aware of your own and others’ body language

The Essential Steps of the Negotiation Process

  • Planning and preparation – best alternatives to succeed
  • Opening, Proposing and Negotiating for a win/win result
  • Reaching agreement and reviewing

Negotiation for Different Situations

  • Clarifying the real problem and managing the issues
  • Individual versus team negotiation and multi-part negotiations
  • Securing win/win results

Personal Development Plan

  • You will be asked to create a list of actions that you can take forward as a result of the training, and will be expected to take responsibility for following up on these.

What are the course outcomes?

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Identify the key skills and processes necessary for successful negotiations.
  • Identify, develop and deploy the interpersonal skills crucial to negotiating proactively.
  • Work to develop a style of negotiation that is effective.
  • Develop successful negotiation strategies that can be used according to the needs and demands of your organisation.
  • Understand the value of planning and preparation to achieve win/win results.

Book dates available for this course

21 May 09:30 Training Room G01b, Ground Floor, 160 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2QH 8 Spaces Left

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