Effective Communication Skills: The Art of Storytelling - Half day

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Who is it for?

This workshop is for all employees and is a practical, tailored session on Storytelling which will give you first-hand experience of the power of storytelling and the practical skills to apply this within your day to day work as well as during the event for International Women’s Day. The workshop will focus on stories about the self and will mirror the theme of IWD 2017 “Be Bold For Change”.

What does it cover?

Why Storytelling? Human-beings are wired for story. We retain information in more detail and for a longer period of time when it is delivered as a narrative. When communicating a message, storytelling techniques such as logic flow, delivery variation, individualisation and metaphor can make all the difference. This will help enhance day to day presentation and communication skills.

What are the course outcomes?

 The workshop will enable you to embed the what are the ingredients of a good story well told. It also provides individuals with first-hand experience of developing their own style to ensure ownership and authenticity.

Through a series of enjoyable exercises the group will learn transferrable skills such identifying common themes and using narrative to make an impact. They will also experience the value of working together imaginatively.

During the 3 hour workshop, you will..

  • Understand how to frame an interesting story
  • Learn how to deliver with impact upon your audience
  • Practice telling personal anecdotes about your work to inspire others

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