Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction - One day

Southwark Employees Price: £100 Associates Price: £150


Who is it for?

This training day is a practical introduction to mindfulness-based stress reduction by a fully qualified teacher and experienced mindfulness practitioner. 

No equipment needed, just come as you are. Everyone Welcome.

What does it cover?

We will look at the fundamentals of being more present for our life rather than distracted by worries about the past and/or future.  Plus we'll learn some of the core mindfulness practices than can support us whenever we feel anxiety and stress.  We’ll also look at how being mindful can help us be present for the pleasant moments in life too.  

What are the course outcomes?

By attending this training day you will:

  • Learn about the good and not so good aspects of autopilot
  • Experience the core mindfulness meditation practices
  • Discover how slowing down actually promotes efficiency in your life
  • Understand how to handle stress in ourselves and in others

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