Condensation, dampness and mould growth - CIH - 1 Day

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Who is it for?

This course is for anyone who has to deal with residents concerns about dampness, condensation and mould growth.

It is especially good for front line staff, such as...

  •  Housing Officers
  • Repairs call handlers
  • Maintenance staff

What does it cover?

This course covers...

  • What causes condensation damp
  • How to differentiate it from other types of damp
  • How to diagnose it effectively
  • What advice to give residents
  • What works to a property might be required to resolve dampness
  • The legislative requirement placed on providers in relation to dampness disrepair

What are the course outcomes?

Participants will be able to...

  • More effectively diagnose condensation dampness
  • Confidently explain the causes and remedies to the problem
  • Understand what remedial works might be required to a property
  • Appreciate the legal requirements placed on a provider in relation to the problem

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