Dealing with challenging, angry and upset customers - CIH - 1 day

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Who is it for?

Anyone working with customers in a frontline role

What does it cover?

This course covers...

  • understanding aggressive and assertive behaviour, based on the stimulus and response model

  • using a 5 step method to manage risk at each stage

  • knowing boundaries and when to walk away

  • effective body language and verbal communication in dealing with conflict situations

  • understanding your stress levels and developing a resiliency toolkit

  • self-awareness, emotional intelligence and transactional analysis

  • case studies and following sound procedures

What are the course outcomes?

Participants will...

  • Develop an awareness of risks in working with a range of challenging situations
  • Assess the different situations that you have to manage with a range of residents
  • Examine ways of diffusing and dealing effectively with challenging and aggressive behaviour
  • Outline the importance of planning, exit strategies and contingencies in conducting home and office transactions
  • Understand support, coping and resiliency factors in adapting to conflict situations

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