Housing disrepair and the law - CIH - 1 day

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Who is it for?

This course is for all those officers who are involved in the day to day maintenance of the local authority properties: including local authority housing officers, staff working for the council’s contractors, Environmental Health Officers and customer service staff.

What does it cover?

This course covers...

  • The law concerning disrepair, negligence and nuisance
  • What responsibilities do the tenant have
  • Guidance on systems for dealing with repairs
  •  The Housing Health and Safety Rating system
  • Court action by the tenant for compensation and the new disrepair protocol

What are the course outcomes?

Participants will be able to... 

  • Identify the council's responsibilities and obligations in keeping properties in repair

  • Determine when the council is not liable for any problems with a property

  • Explain the purpose of the Housing Health and Safety Rating System and what obligations result on the part of the council

  • Reduce the likelihood of threats of litigation

  • State good practice guidance on dealing with housing disrepair

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